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In the 90's, a realtor helped my wife and I purchase our first house. There was fear and tribulation in this purchase as at an early age, we were sacrificing much to pursue this purchase and with a tight budget and a new baby, life was not going to get easier.

The realtor met with me a week after we moved in and asked how we were doing. We were financially strapped for the next couple of months but assured him that we would be okay after the next few months. The next day, the realtor came back with a cheque for the next couple months for groceries.

This was the day that changed my life. A The day, that a man, lived out what it means to care for your clients. Why I was inspired to get into real estate.

As a Realtor, I look to learn from the many influences in our industry. We are held to a high standard of conduct as representatives of the Calgary Real Estate Board and our brokerage. This industry has been about being a dynamic learner and ensuring that I am bettering myself for my clients. Receiving my Certified Condo Specialist designation is just one more area in real estate which has educated me to better serve all my clientele.

Beginning my career in an Alberta economy that is in a slump, it has been a great challenge to my career but I have been blessed with those that have supported and trusted me with their real estate transactions.

​Home sales and purchase is the largest investment in our lifetime and we have worked hard for this moment in time and I appreciate this importance. With that knowledge that my clients and their family would trust me in their move, I put all efforts to ensure you are educated through the process and that you know every step along the way.

​If you are looking to buy your first home or needing to sell, I recommend that you contact 2 or 3 real estate professionals to ensure you are making the right choice in a Realtor. If integrity, trust and care, are attributes important you in an agent, please contact me to begin our journey together.

Many blessings to you and your family,

Ramon Ico